After a harrowing journey in hopes of finding safety for their families, asylum seekers coming into the US are thrown into privately owned detention centers with conditions worse than jail.

The groups and individuals listed below are providing food, rest, hygiene, medicine, and kindness to people in a desperate situation.

Who’s helping every hour, every day

McAllen and Brownsville Bus Support

Crowd funded volunteers provide asylum seekers with detailed transit information along with some money and basic supplies for the long road ahead.

Brownsvile Volunteer goods needed

Volunteers on the ground are in
desperate need of supplies. Give to this wish list of supplies and make an immediate impact.

of Texas

This humanitarian respite center provides asylum seekers a place to rest and shower, food to eat, clean clothes to wear, and other necessities. Donate or volunteer.


This respite center dedicated provides meals, clothing, and support services.

Angry Tias and

Grass roots organization providing assistance for asylum seekers left by ICE.

FEeding asylum seekers

Home cooked food for asylum seekers waiting to cross the border in Brownsville.